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Too invested in reality television? Who ME? The X Factor goes live.

I tend to find the live shows more painful than not, and this year is no different. I love Alexandra (who needs to win) and Austin (who needs to call me) and I think Rachel, Diana and Laura are all very good, but the rest of them suck. The winner of the Contestant I Hate The Most competition is Eoghan Quigg by a long shot - he's one of those contestants that the public will adore because he looks like a munchkin. And I hate that kids like him do well in these competitions, because they are simply not good enough. He's an average singer who's four feet tall. Big wow. And then he fucking sings fucking Imagine and the judges are all, "you're the best thing we've ever seen!" and Kate's head explodes with rage.

This show has the potential to be truly significant within the music industry (see: Leona Lewis) but when the idiot public insists on voting for people they find cute rather than people with genuine talent whose albums they might actually buy, I get mad.


In other news, we have started season 2 of Buffy and I'm loving it so much (as are both the girls!) - it's so great to be reminded why this is my most favourite show of all time. ♥
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