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Smallville, 8.04: Instinct

It turns out that I'm not remotely opposed to an explicitly shippy Clark/Lois development, because I not only really enjoyed all of their scenes together in 'Instinct' I found the episode extremely romantic. I think what worried me most was that it might be too one-sided, but as long it's mutual I am more than okay with the two of them becoming conscious of their feelings sooner rather than later.

Very little gives me more pleasure than seeing Clark's attraction to Lois, which is why my absolute favourite scene (in an episode full of great scenes) was when Lois walked in on Clark and Maxima in the lift, and Clark completely forgot about Maxima. All he saw was Lois, all he cared about was what Lois would think, nothing was more important than making sure Lois wasn't upset with him. And while that was supposed to be a comedic moment (and I'm sure a lot of you found it funny), for me it was the moment I thought, "omg they are so *into* each other already, even though neither of them is aware of it." Of course, Lois clocked on quicker than Clark and she is *freaked*. Clark is as clueless as ever, but at least he acknowledged his cluelessness with the ironic "what if she's right in front of me" line.

Mind you, that'll get old pretty quickly for me, and I'm not interested in seeing too much more oblivious!Clark. Now that Lois has been forced to face up to her deepening attraction to him I want the same thing to happen to Clark. I want to watch Clark fall in love with Lois this season, and I want him to know it's happening.

Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Clark get his sexy on with Maxima. He's so, so beautiful, and there is no one hotter on the planet than Clark when he's aroused. I mean, the man is hot no matter what, obviously, but when his eyes flare up with sexual excitement and he gets that little smile on his face it makes me squirm. It helps also that Tom is an excellent screen kisser (mouth open, eyes closed, hands everywhere). Holy *crap* you guys.

From the reviews of yours I've read I think most of us are in agreement about Chloe keeping the letter (WHY GOD WHY) then omg *showing the letter to Clark*, which may win for the single creepiest, grossest, most obnoxious thing I've ever seen Chloe do. I mean seriously, WHO DOES THAT? "Here Clark, look at how much of fool you were - YOU COULDA HAD ME." Do the creative team hate Chloe or something? I am starting to think so.

So yes, more of the cool superbrain stuff please Smallville, and less of the humiliating, boring romantic bullshit. (That said, I would not be opposed to them developing something between Chloe and the ambulance guy, because they have a zillion times more chemistry than she and Jimmy do.)
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