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Keeping it real; Writing trauma; My number one movie boyfriend

Oh, the young girls in my office, how they frustrate me with their old fashioned, sexist world views.

I hate the attitude that you shouldn’t sleep with a guy on the first date because he might not respect you. I can’t imagine withholding sex from a man in the hope that it will make him stick around a little longer, and here’s why:

  1. If he doesn’t respect me for putting out too soon, then I don’t respect him, because a guy who will look at me unfavourably for doing *exactly the same thing he just did* is a guy I don’t need to see again.
  2. What if you go on ten dates with a man, then you fuck him and it’s awful? I prefer to find out if we’re sexually compatible early on so we don’t waste each other’s time pretending there’s a future there when there’s not.


I spent all of yesterday at work writing my Lois story and I ended up with fewer words at the end of the day than I had at the start. It was very frustrating. I must have discarded thousands of words over the course of the day, and, you know, some of those words were pretty good! Except for the part where they didn't make sense. Argh. Today things will go better though, because it's not possible for them to go worse.


Watched "Penelope" last night. James McAvoy, how I love you so! The film was average but you were your usual ridiculously charming, sexy, gorgeous self. ♥ ♥ ♥
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