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I am Smallville's bitch.

Okay. Smallville Season 4 is now out on DVD.

And I don't, like, *need* it, so much as WANT IT. Because I have the seasons 1 to 3 on DVD! And I'm actually really enjoying season 4! And, and, and there are *extras*. And the cover is all Clarky and pretty. And then I can spend the whole weekend watching it in my room instead of having to wait until my flatmates are out of the house, and Hamish is NEVER out of the house.  And then I can catch up with America. And I have vouchers which I can put towards it. And then it will only be £18 of my own money. And am I being completely stupid?

Should I be sensible and wait and spend my vouchers on something I don't already have?


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