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The Wire vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So we started watching "The Wire" as a flat recently and we're now six episodes in, but the girls aren't really getting into it. And this bothers me! I don't want to force them to watch something they're not enjoying but I also think they should at least finish season one. If you are a fan of this show can you remember at what point you became hooked? I'm pretty sure it happened for me quite early on, in that I remember watching Season 1 in a relatively short space of time, and being at first impressed with the quality of the writing and acting, and then in awe of everything else about it. I watched it on my own, which probably helped, because it requires intense concentration, and when you're on your own you're not so concerned whether what you're watching is fun for other people.

Mostly I'm scared they will get to the end of the season and go, "Nah." I think that would both embarrass and depress me.


The other show Kirsty and I have started to watch is Buffy (I didn't think Suz was that interested so we started without her, but apparently she is not happy about this and is planning on catching up, whoo!). We've seen all but one of the first season, and Kirsty is really enjoying it, even rubbish episodes like 'The Pack' (she loved Bad!Xander) and 'I Robot, You Jane', which is hilariously dated, but also fascinatingly Of Its Time (ZOMG THE SCARY INTERNETS AND THE CRAZY FANATICS WHO HANG OUT THERE. THEY WILL KILL US AAAALLLLLL!!!).

The best thing to happen so far is Kirsty having absolutely no idea that Angel is a vampire. This is how unspoiled she is! I can't even imagine what it would be like to not know that Angel is a vampire. But it's like, it's really hard not to start squawking about stuff that's coming up, even though I'm normally very respectful when it comes to not spoiling people, because BUFFY. This is the show that got me into television. This is the show, like no other, that I was *obsessed* with, for *years*. It was all I could think about, all I wanted to talk about, it is the show that caused me to stumble upon my first piece of fan fiction, and to discover that fanfic was really good for porn (I'm thinking that back then I was reading only really bad fanfic because I did eventually get sick of it). And there is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF coming up. SO much. I haven't watched the show for years so it's really exciting getting back into it, and with someone who is almost completely virginal (she's only seen the musical episode and on the strength of that is already asking where the "blond vampire" is).

My favourite season of Buffy is six, and you can quote me on that. It's a great season of television: dark, brilliant, erotic, tragic, and I don't care what anyone says to the contrary, they are wrong. What's your favourite season of Buffy?

Favourite season?


Favourite episode(s)?

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