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Tom Welling, Charlie and The X Factor!

I am in a very Tom Welling space at the moment, friends. It's not that I ever went off him (not possible) but during hiatus I wasn't quite as focused on lusting after him as I normally am. But he is looking so fine right now I can barely handle it. He's as beautiful as he's always been (perhaps more so?) but his sex appeal is through the freaking roof this season, and I'm not sure if it's the suits, the hair, the body, the face, or the fact that he's just being really manly all the time. SUPERmanly, you might say.


I took Charlie to the vet for the first time on Friday, for his last vaccination and a general check up; afterwards I was planning on finally letting him go outside, something he's been dying to do (he spends much of his day staring out windows now). Unfortunately things didn't go as planned. Not only has he been mildly sick (a cold or something) which meant the vet didn't want to give him a shot, my wee angel has a heart murmur. This is apparently not uncommon with young cats but it sounds so serious to me, and of course I spent all of Friday in tears. So yeah, having a pet is not all fun and games, it can be hard. I love him so much and he's not in perfect health and that kills me. :(


At least television is happy-making though!

The X Factor

This show rules all right now. My entire flat is addicted and we have even come up with an X Factor drinking game (which will work just as well with American Idol btw): every time someone cries you take a drink; if you cry you down your glass. Man, we got DRUNK. Also, we have decided that we are only allowed to vote once, as a flat (I agreed to this very reluctantly. See, I originally claimed that because I care more I should be the only one to vote -- unless they agreed with me in which case they would also be allowed to vote -- but this plan was met with some resistance. So now we are going to vote between the three of us each week and if we all choose different people it will be down to the roll of a dice or some such thing. This system already scares me).

We're down to the final twelve now and the live shows start next Saturday. Each judge put two people through that I agreed with and one I didn't. Not that it really matters because my two favourites are through, and they are both so much better than everyone else in the competition if they don't end up in the final I will be devastated.

First, we have Austin, who I am a little bit in love with. He's got it all: he's utterly gorgeous, he's a great performer with a lot of sex appeal on stage, he's an incredible singer, and he cries constantly. Perfection! Simon's criticism that he comes across as too desperate is the most absurd thing I've ever heard; he is no more desperate than any other contestant. This show is all *about* insane desperation for pete's sake, and clearly Simon is only saying that because they need to give *some* negative feedback and he couldn't think of anything else.

Check him out: Austin sings "Valerie" at Boot Camp.

My other favourite contestant is Alexandra, because she is a world class talent and easily the best singer we've had on this show since Leona Lewis. Heck, she's 19 years old and she sang 'Natural Woman' in the latest round, and *nailed* it. I've been passionate about her since her first extraordinary audition, and she's continued to blow me away with each subsequent audition. She's in a league of her own and, unlike Austin, who makes me laugh every time he cries, she makes me *cry* every time she cries. She's my girl, I want her to win, and I want to buy her albums in the future. ♥

Added to that, I love all our judges (except Danni, who I only have lukewarm feelings for): as you all know, I would have sex with Simon in a heartbeat, and Louis is adorable. His wee face! Cheryl is the real surprise though. I *adore* her. She's absurdly beautiful, but she's also sweet and compassionate and honest and down to earth.

All I'm saying is, if this were a competition between American Idol and The X Factor, The X Factor wins. That's all I'm saying. Even our presenters kick ass: Dermot and Holly are both so legendary that I now secretly ship them and if I was that kind of fangirl I would be writing fanfic about them skipping down the beach together being silly and giggling a lot. OTOH, Ryan Seacrest is pure evil.


I might write some Clois. Prompts would be most helpful!
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