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Smallville, 8.03: Toxic

Oliver is certainly aesthetically pleasing and you'll never hear me complain about male nudity on Smallville, but I really do wish I found him sexy. Unfortunately he actually kind of annoys me, and I think it's because he's often so condescending when he talks to Clark. I'm sick of him telling Clark that he's not a good enough hero. Who the hell does he think he is? Maybe two years ago that might have been true (why can't Smallville come up with a new riff? This one is tired and irrelevant) but now I don't see how the show can possibly suggest that Clark isn't on the right path, or doing enough, given that in the previous few episodes Clark has explicitly said that he's going to go be a full time hero and has consistently acted like one. It's not as if I expect consistent characterisation or relationships that evolve naturalistically on Smallville, of course I don't, but this is ridiculous. If the only tension they can think to create between these two is Ollie's disapproval vs Clark's guilt then I'm not interested. Ollie is not the better hero of the two, okay? Clark wins that round every time as far as I'm concerned.

I miss Lex so much but Tess (Mercy!!!!) is awesome and I love the actress - she's both beautiful and nails hard, and she can have sex with Ollie if she wants: I really enjoyed their chemistry.

As for Ollie's backstory: trapped on an island? Half naked? Eating bugs to survive? Again? Really Smallville? HIRE NEW WRITERS OMG.
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