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Gossip Girl 2.05; Mad Men, 2.09; House 5.03 + QAF

Queer as Folk (USA)

I've been meaning to mention this for weeks and I keep forgetting but it's important. QAF has the single worst theme tune in the history of television. I cannot listen to it and I have to fast forward through it every time, and I'm someone who never fast forwards through the opening credit sequence! Because it gets me in the mood for the episode! But QAF's theme music is actualfax offensive to my ears and it annoys me that a person exists who thought it would be an acceptable choice.

Gossip Girl, 2.05: The Serena Also Rises

This episode was awesome. I love how much Dan sucks as a writer that he thinks the advice "write what you know" means to literally only write about things that have happened to him. How thick is this guy to believe that all good fiction is autobiographical? It boggles the mind, not that I'm complaining, because he was a lot more entertaining to watch this week now that he's got a storyline that isn't revolving around his relationship with Serena. It's the power of Chuck, of course, who is such a genius character that magical things happen during his scenes.

For one, he makes Dan more bearable. "Are you gay?" LOLOL. BEST LINE DELIVERY OF THE EPISODE. I couldn't stop laughing at that. He just sounded so *bored*, but also like, "Oh now I understand why you're here. Because you want to fuck me." ♥

Westwick is a brilliant, sensitive actor - he allows us to see Chuck's vulnerability without doing very much at all. He claims that the reason he's taking Dan out for the evening is that he's bored, but it's really because he's desperately lonely, and that's why finding out what Dan was really up to hurt him so much. Westwick barely moves a muscle in his face or changes the pitch of his voice, yet he manages to convey a well of deep, complex emotions raging within this damaged young man. (Dan's lack of remorse over doing what he did to Chuck showed him to be a person without much compassion, I must say. He got a first-hand glimpse of a person in pain and I don't care that Dan hates Chuck - a decent human being doesn't walk away from that experience without feeling horribly guilty.) Also, that Chuck could confide in Dan about how his mother died in childbirth and that's why his dad has always hated him, and bring *tears to my eyes*, instead of, you know, making me want to puke, is hard proof that Westwick is a talent to watch. Wow.

I hate Bart Bass a lot, and I hate that Lily is married to him, because LILY. She is so amazing; I really enjoyed all her scenes and I cannot wait until she and Rufus start flirting again (because, um, he's kinda dull without her. The opposite of Dan in a way).

Blair is crazycakes but she's a far more sympathetic character than Serena. I hate that she's so insecure and so envious of Serena, but without that vulnerability she wouldn't so easy to love. Serena, OTOH, is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to care about, although she is a lot more fun to watch now.

Mad Men, 2.09: Six Month Leave

January Jones continues to bowl me over with her performance as Betty, a housewife in the middle of a nervous breakdown, and I found this week's episode most affecting. I'm pleased that she has kicked Don out and that she is apparently unable to forgive him; I must admit I expected her to take him back, so it's exciting to me that she might actually be on the road to ending things for good with him.

They really are a match made in hell, after all: both so deeply repressed and unable to talk to anyone about themselves. Dishonesty and secrets and denial are a way of life for them and neither can break the habit. I found Don's relief at being out of the marriage extremely sad even though it made sense: he was never able to truly commit to his relationship with Betty, playing the part reluctantly because that's what's expected of men in his position. And now that he's out, and is "free", I wonder if it will change him at all. I wonder if he might be able to find some peace, or if he really is a lost cause.

Who knows! They are two of the most fascinating characters on TV at the moment and I can't wait to find out what will happen to them next.

Roger Sterling: I love you because you're a funny, funny man, but you really are SUCH a cliche. :|

House, 5.03: Adverse Events

I won't front, I love Lucas more than Wilson. I love that he's hot and funny and refreshing and that House doesn't (can't) walk all over him (and that he and House are apparently room mates. ♥). His presence in the show is highlighting how horribly dysfunctional House and Wilson's friendship was, and that Wilson is WAY better off without House. I was so pissed when I thought that Wilson might be leaving the show for good (is he btw? I don't consider this a spoiler okay! Would someone in the know please tell me whether Wilson is coming back, and if not, whose idea was it for RSL to leave the show? The actor's or TPTB?) but I enjoyed this episode so much that maybe it won't be so bad. That's all really. I love Lucas, I love Michael Weston, and I hope he becomes a series regular.
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