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TV update

I am going to Dubai for work on Saturday, and I think I'm coming down with something. FUCK.

At least television is going well right now!

Weeds, 4.13: If You Work for a Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?

I sometimes feel like Weeds gets the tone wrong. Case in point: the brutal torture and murder of the cop last week, and this last -- almost entirely laugh-free -- episode of the season. Is this a comedy or not? On the one hand, it’s light-hearted and irreverent, and on the other, more annoying hand it’s a dark fable about the perils of drug dealing. And that’s not what I signed up for. It’s not that comedy shouldn’t deal with serious subject matter, nor do I expect Weeds to completely ignore the shadier side of the life Nancy has chosen for herself, but I really don’t like being preached to, and with every gruesome murder that’s what I feel like the show is doing.

Still, I liked a lot of this season, and I loved the twist at the end, probably because I didn’t see it coming. I was very tense for a lot of this episode, wondering how the fuck Nancy was going to get out of the situation alive, but when she pulled that bunny out of her hat I nearly fell off my chair.

I absolutely adore that Andy realised he’s in love with Nancy. I just hope she eventually loves him back, because the man she’s with right now, whilst attractive, is evil, whereas Andy is a wonderful human being. ♥

Doug kind of makes me sick now. I used to really love him and find him hilarious, but now he just repulses me. :(

As for Celia’s fate – heh. It is quite amusing that a sociopath like Celia has spawned someone just as reprehensible, and I’m definitely curious about where they’ll go with that storyline.

All in all, better than last season but still a bit hit and miss!

Entourage, 5.02: Unlike A Virgin

HI BLAIR. I like that Leighton Meester is moonlighting on Entourage – did I read something on Defamer about how she offered herself to Adrian Grenier on a platter, only to be told nah? Whatever, she’s gorgeous and cool (although she looks more beautiful on Gossip Girl than she does here).

Gossip Girl, 2.03: The Dark Night

This episode ROCKED MY WORLD. From old man Chuck (so gay and drunk on scotch he can’t get it up for girls anymore) to rentboy!Nate (so pretty and submissive he can’t decide for himself whether he should keep seeing Catherine, he has to take orders from sweet Vanessa. God I love him) to Chuck dirty talking Blair in the middle of the party (HOTTTTT) to the implication that the posh boring dude is gayer than a handbag full of rainbows, to the breakup of the single most boring couple in the universe. It all rocked hard. Although it has to be said that the Dan/Serena storyline was so awful that when they said their weepy goodbyes at the end I felt nothing. Nothing. They are a black void of chemistry.

The Humphrey family are the only ones with any real talent, have you noticed? Rufus is a rock star, Dan is a writer (not a very interesting talent to have on a TV show really, because the audience can never see the evidence of it. Unless you’re the L Word and you have Jenny doing the most embarrassing voiceover of all time) and Little J is a fashion designer, who's better at it than Blair’s mom! THEY ARE ALL SO AWESOME BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR.

The rich kids are only good at partying, jogging, scheming and prostitution. LOL.

I love this show.

Mad Men, 2.08: A Night to Remember

Oh Betty. I love her so, so much. She finally confronted Don! And the bastard denied it flat out, unsurprisingly.

Seriously, that made for one of the tensest episodes we’ve had yet, and this show is the master of dramatic tension.

My heart broke for Joan.

House, 5.01: Dying Changes Everything

Wilson can’t leave! House will shrivel up and die without him. :(
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