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A list of eight random things

1. I must admit I have not really paid much attention to my flist over the past few days, so if you think I missed something important, link me. Instead I have been glued to my couch watching television, and/or winding my cat up with the Kat Tikkler (it's this long stick with a bunch of green feathers attached to it. He has ripped off a lot of the feathers already -- I found one in my hair this morning -- but every time he tries to eat them they just get stuck on his lips.)

2. tommy_chivs! Charlie goes insane over the laser pointer, just like your cats. Hours and hours of fun (and when you get sick of tormenting him and turn it off it takes him ages to stop looking for the red light. MWAHAHA).

3. I wasn't super popular at school, Boppy, but I wasn't a social reject. I was actually a "muso" (music nerd) but because we were entertaining people tended to respect us.

4. "Lust, Caution" is an okay film but that's not what's important about it. What is important about it is, once you get through all the dreary exposition, you get several of the most incredibly intense and erotic sex scenes I have ever seen. And because I know you're all a bunch of pervs I feel comfortable telling you that they are so explicit it really does look like they're fucking. WHOO. (Tony Leung is amazing. <3)

5. This is crazy I know but I am actually excited about the Smallville premiere. HA! It's like, every time I think I've moved on and don't care anymore I apparently haven't!

6. I'm one behind on Mad Men, but the last episode I watched blew me away. I never told you guys who my favourite Mad Men character is - this is controversial, because he is not my type at all, but it's Don. I don't fancy him and I don't like him very much, but I find him the single most compelling character on television at the moment. He's mesmerising.

7. The X Factor! Another really good female singer through to boot camp. I am very excited - there are now at least four excellent girls, and they're all really different from each other - whichever judge gets that category is going to do well. (Alexandra Burke is still the major discovery though zomg.)

8. Here is one television cliche if I ever see again it will be too soon: when a couple are getting a DVD out from the store and the girl wants a chick flick and the guy wants an action movie. AS IF THEY ARE THE ONLY TWO GENRES OF FILM IN ALL THE WORLD. As if there are no films that both of the sexes can enjoy. As if there are no action films that women can like and no romantic comedies that men can like (my dad's favourite genre of film is the romantic comedy you doofuses!). As if anyone would be *happy* to get a film out that they *know* the person they're watching it with IS GOING TO HATE. This scene needs to never be written again. I am so serious about this.
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