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I got woken up this morning by lots of pathetic mewling by Charlie. He was either begging for food or trying to sing me happy birthday. I vote the latter! Then I opened my door and found a present from my two flatmates sitting just outside my room.

It's an amazing present, but also a frightening one. They got me tap dancing shoes and a voucher for one tap lesson. EEP. I expressed an interest in learning tap dancing months ago and we were all, LET'S GO TOGETHER! But like, I didn't expect to *ever actually do it*. And now I'm going to find out just how uncoordinated I really am. YAY?!

Big thanks to: the lovely norwich36 for making me a ton of adorable Charlie icons, latxcvi for the completely awesome e-card, and morganichele for being so sweet, kind and generous. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks also to giggleloop for the early birthday message! <3


In other news, I still haven't watched Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Weeds or Entourage (or Fringe, which I am planning to try out) from this week. It is tricky these days to find the time for all my shows, but I hope to have some time alone in the living room tomorrow night, or maybe Saturday day time before my b'day party. Because I like being relevant.

I did watch the Ryan Gosling movie "Fracture" last night though. It sucked hard and I don't recommend it one iota. It's like: Dear Anthony Hopkins, Once you've played a career defining psychopath like Hannibal Lecter there is no point playing bad guys ever again. Also, what in God's name accent were you trying to do? Was it Irish? :|
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