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Am I getting more critical or is tv sucking harder?

Charlie is very much settled now and completely hilarious. He recently noticed that his tail is clearly an enemy and he keeps trying to catch it. It makes me laugh but also feel sorry for him because he's doomed to failure. <3


Been watching Queer As Folk, season 2. It's pretty bad, isn't it. But in a good way. Mostly I watch it because Gale Harold has the most beautiful body I've ever seen. It's perfect. The symmetry, the proportions, the colour of his skin. How can anyone look that incredible naked? Most people look silly naked! But Gale doesn't, and fortunately he is naked a whole lot. I also enjoy the Brian/Justin relationship - they are really hot and sweet together.


In other television news, I have gotten into the habit of regularly watching Numb3rs (S3), even though it's awful and I hate it. In fact, Suz and I watch it together and just complain the whole way through the episode. I hate all the characters except Charlie (WHOO. GOOD NAME) and his hot brother (holy shit! He's the dude from Northern Exposure! He grew up all sexy, wow). Suz swears that the show was good in the first season but I don't believe her at all, although I'm willing to believe it was a bit better if most of the current cast weren't in it then. You'd think it would be right up my alley because I love shows about charming geniuses (see Bones and House) but the writing is too dumb (and too dull) to win me over.


Speaking of Bones, what did we all think of the first two episodes? I thought they were sexy and amusing in places, and I love the show no matter what, but otherwise not so much. They made London look utterly gorgeous though, so kudos to that at any rate.
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