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Gossip Girl, 2.01: Summer, Kind of Wonderful

The highlight of the episode for me -- and I'm sure for all of you too -- was Chuck's new hairdo. HOT. I've never found him so attractive. As for the actual plot? Let's be honest, it sucked! Not that I didn't enjoy every awful second of it because I chucking well did.

I have absolutely zero interest in Nate's new relationship with Catherine (who? Where did she come from? Why does Serena know her? I need more information dammit), but I have an enormous overflowing amount of interest in seeing Nate with no shirt on, making out with people. A great start to the epsiode.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have absolutely zero interest in each of the following plot points:

1. Serena and Dan's super romantic reunion. I THOUGHT THEY WERE BROKEN UP FOREVER? Why must we suffer more of this turgidly dull relationship? No one with an ounce of self respect can possibly ship these two and oh man, you know, for a teeny tiny second there I thought Dan might be able to win me over! Dan the man-ho is someone I could maybe get on board with, even though he was incompetent at it. But no, he's been pining for Serena all summer just as Serena's been pining for Dan. They truly could not be more boring.

2. Jenny's apprenticeship. I can't even talk about it I'm so uninterested.

3. Chuck and Blair's unrequited love for each other.

Okay, I don't really have a problem with #3 because they are both so awesome and Meester and Westwick's performances were lovely despite the cheesy material they had to work with. I just, I want something more than "we can't be together because... uh..." well yeah. This is the problem. There simply isn't a good reason for them not to be together so the fact that they're not is just bad writing. Either think up some genuine obstacles, get them together, or give up on the idea!

Where the hell was Lily? She is my favourite and I don't like it when she's not around. Partly because without her Rufus's only role is to give advice to his two dumbass children, when what he really should be doing is making sweet love to Lily in front of us.

The guy playing Marcus is not English and HIS ACCENT IS BAD. >:(

And yet, even though I've done nothing but complain, I love this show so much. I love it. I can't wait for next week. Until then I will spend lots of time imagining Chuck and Nate having filthy sex.
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