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Best slashy scenes!

Prison Break fans! I stopped watching in season 3 so I have no idea what happened between Michael and Alex, but someone please please explain this scene to me (icons by uponplains, from this post):

Hell, I don't even care if you watch the show or not! JUST EXPLAIN WHAT IS GOING ON THERE.


Tell me about your favourite slashiest scene ever, whether it be in a book, comic, film or tv show.

I vote for the last ever scene between Clark and Lex, and if you saw it you know why. For those who didn't see it I am totally going to spoil you now so stop reading if that's a problem:

Their tumultuous relationship -- which began with Lex falling madly in love with Clark at first sight then stalking him relentlessly for seven seasons, during which he broke Clark's heart several times due to his inability not to be evil -- culminated in this scene, as Lex chooses to save the world by sacrificing both Clark and himself; and while Clark's fortress crumbles around them, killing them both (not really obviously, but his intentions were pure), Lex holds Clark in his arms and tells him he loves him. And it's the most romantic, beautiful and heartbreaking thing Smallville (OR THE WORLD) ever gave us.
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