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My weekend of television.

Thank you, kind anonymous person, for the polar bear! <3

After an impromptu party at my house on Friday night I spent the rest of the weekend in front of the television. I didn't leave the house once. Literally all I did was eat, watch stuff, and read comics. IT IS GOOD TO BE A DORK.

On Saturday I started my day by talking to my parents on Skype (it was my dad's birthday) which was nice even though I was not remotely in the mood for it because of hangover, and also, my mum said that she didn't really get into "Friday Night Lights" but she finds "Two and a Half Men" funny (WTF! I can't deal with that at all).

Then I watched the latest episodes of "Weeds" and "Mad Men", and that was much more fun. I love "Weeds" this season: Nancy's speech to her boys was comedy *gold*. And "Mad Men" continues to be the best written drama on TV. Holy crap, I'm not normally that attracted to Don but those scenes with the comedian's wife were smoking hot I'm sure you will all agree. I also really hope that Betty shags the horse guy because Don shouldn't be the only one who gets to cheat on that relationship. I love Betty.

Next I watched a film about an interracial romance called "Something New", which I quite enjoyed, and after that, Suz and I watched season two of "Dexter". YAY! We had already both seen the first two episodes so we only had to watch ten episodes, but we managed it, getting to bed by 2am. I gave up on "Dexter" after season 1 because even though I liked it I found it a bit too gruesome to want to keep up with it every week, and in general I'm just not a fan of killers. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed season 2, particularly all the Dexter sex with the amazingly batshit but hotass Lila (best psycho female character ever?) as well as Keith Carradine's unreasonably sexy Lundy and his adorable romance with Deb. I'm not sure how psychologically plausible any of it was, but I did find all the characters a lot more sympathetic this season, especially Dexter. I was actively terrified he was going to get discovered! Absolutely hated that Doakes had to die, but I knew he had to die long before it happened, and I'm just glad that it wasn't Dexter who did it: their scenes together towards the end were so surprisingly *sweet*. DAMN YOU LILA.

On Sunday I spent the day watching athletics and reading. And then we all watched the repeat of the first episode of the X Factor! Because it is a really good show.
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