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Misery loves company.

I have two mouth ulcers that popped up over night and now I am grumpy. WHY MUST I BE AFFLICTED WITH THIS PROBLEM? They are so *painful* and they make eating painful and they make me moody and self pitying and angry at my body and angry at my colleague who talks too loudly (it's like a bark. She is *barking* at me as I write this) and angry with everyone who doesn't get mouth ulcers because THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND and that bothers me. Ever since I quit smoking I have been getting mouth ulcers because apparently the one thing smoking is good for is your immune system. They don't tell you that in all the literature though, do they! Fuck you, body. FUCK. YOU. (Being hungover is not helping either.)


In other news, the girls and I watched "Death Proof" together last night because I convinced them that they would like it. And they did! Afterwards Kirsty drunkenly declared it the best film ever made, which pleased me greatly. And I loved it as much the second time as I did the first. It's my official Girl Power film, which is weird I know because I'm a pacifist and I don't normally support murder, but there is very little in this world that fills me with as much glee as the demise of Stuntman Mike. And him screaming "WHYYYYYY????" is still my favourite ever film moment. SOLID GOLD.


Enough of that though. What ails you? Let's all be self pitying together.
Tags: film, rant, real life
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