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I will only try to convert them to Smallville if they beg me.

I just paid off one of my credit cards. And then I paid off a bit of my other credit card, and now I'm broke again. But soon. SOON I WILL BE DEBT FREE. And then I can buy myself British citizenship and maybe a laptop and then I shall start paying off my debts all over again.

It's good to have a plan!


My flatmates are so madly in love with "Friday Night Lights" I feel quite giddy. Almost as if they are my puppets and I am making them dance for me. They *begged* me last night to watch One More Episode but I was too tired so didn't give them what they wanted, but man it's so good to see this show again, on a television instead of my shitty computer (which now has a pink screen that Suz reckons is getting steadily pinker), and with people who are becoming more and more besotted by the episode (just like we all did).

I always loved the humour in FNL and this second viewing is really highlighting just how wonderfully funny it can be. Yesterday there was a bit in it that made the three of us so hysterical we missed a bunch of dialogue and we had to rewind TWICE to make sure we heard everything. Tim Riggins is very popular in our house, especially with Kirsty who can't get over how pretty he is, but we love all the characters and omg I forgot how much Coach makes me happy. ♥

Next I will make the girls watch "The Wire" which is a far more devastating viewing experience then FNL but I'm thinking that they will be able to handle it. And after that probably "The L Word" because that's awesome for the soft-core porn.


I'm going to go DVD shopping at lunch time today. What should I buy, flist?

(Hey tommy_chivs, do you have my copy of S2 of BSG?)
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