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Brand new information (unless you're me): Jensen is lamecore.

Wait, why were all the posts about this Jensen thing locked up? Are we no longer allowed to say that Jensen Ackles is a giant douchebag with no sense of humour in public anymore? How unfair!

Seriously though, I get that he and his can get the site shut down but does he also have the power to stop people from talking about what he did? Like, if I talk about what I know of the situation in public could I actually be getting people in trouble, even though I am entirely unconnected? And if so, what sort of trouble? (ETA. On investigating more I'm pretty sure the entire wank is a fake btw.)


I made the most amazing chicken pie last night zomg. It's not good for you at all but if you have lots of leftover roast chicken and you love pies (AND REALLY, WHO DOESN'T LOVE PIES?) then you should make this as soon as possible. This is my mother's recipe and she calls it "Judy's Marvellous Chicken Pie", which is hilarious but also true.

First you cook a small onion *really slowly* in about 100 grams of butter. (LOL I KNOW. This is why the pie tastes so awesome.) When the onion is soft add about a cup of milk, heat it, add salt and pepper.

Separately, mix about two tablespoons of cornflour with water until smooth. I do this by putting the flour in a jar, then I add a bit of water, then I shake it up good. Pour it into the saucepan, stirring the whole time. It should get thick pretty quickly and that's good - you want the white sauce to be quite stiff. Leave to cool for a bit, then add the chopped up chicken. If you live in NZ add a can of creamed corn at this point as well. (You can't get creamed corn in the UK, but the recipe works just as well without it.)

Leave to cool.

Prepare your pastry. I used ready rolled puff pastry - one sheet on the bottom, chicken mixture, one sheet on top. Poke some air holes in the top layer with a fork, then brush it with some milk so the pastry shines. I also made a giant K with the leftover pastry and put it on top but you don't have to do that.

Cook on a high temperature (gas mark 7, 220c, 425f). Mum said for about 30 minutes but my pie was done in 20 - it's only the pastry you have to cook so I reckon just take it out when it looks ready.

Serve with lots of steamed green veg.

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