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Bitching and moaning and some questions.

EDIT: This brilliant rant by naamah_darling sums up how I feel about the Contraception = Abortion bullshit that has been upsetting me for the past day.


I'm going to "The Dark Knight" with the girls in a few weeks but I'm afraid to say the only thing I'm looking forward to about it is seeing the girls. (HI GIRLS.) Because I know I'm going to hate it. I hated the first one -- and I don't advise you get me started on why unless you've got all day -- and according to Stephanie Zacharek (who I trust more than any other person in the entire world on the subject of film) the second one is as big a mess. DAMN YOU CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. Please hand the reigns to a more worthy director (del Toro! Cuarón! Rodriguez!) for the next instalment, and please stop listening to all the people who tell you you are a genius, because you really are NOT. /end frustrated rant

Hopefully my expectations are so low that I will end up liking this one more? At least it's got Maggie and Heath.


Beauty myths! Um, I need someone to clear this up for me (blythely?) because it sounds like a myth but maybe there is science behind it. Is it true that you are supposed to change your face cream brand every four years? Several women have told me this and it annoys me because I have been using the same brand for way more than four years (it's a good cream!) and finding a new brand is going to be a huge pain in the ass because I am allergic to so many of them.


Tell me what you have on your mug and key-chain because it will be interesting. My work mug has this picture on it:

I bought it at the Beatles Store on Baker Street when I first started here and have been using it ever since.

My keyring is this:

My friend Anna gave it to me and I find it amusing even though I have only ever flown economy so I guess the joke's on me.
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