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Lost, an impossible poll and the movie "Waitress"

Yes, me and the girls spent the last three nights watching Lost, but now we are done with it. WOOO. I sense that there might be some arguments about how we handle season 5, because my thinking is that I will have to watch it with America once a week so I can talk about it here and, you know, be relevant. But that plan didn't seem to go down very well with Kirsty, who looked really annoyed at the suggestion, because she prefers watching it all at once. (Who doesn't! Obviously that is the best way to watch TV, but some of us do not have the patience to wait another year to find out what happens next.) Pah, it's not like she's the boss of me or anything, but I am kind of worried about what she might do to me if I watch it without her because she is a Lost fangirl (she was delighted about this when I told her), and we all know how crazy and violent fangirls can get.


I was going to do this poll that made you choose who the coolest was out of Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris, but then I realised that it would be too impossible to choose between them so I scrapped that idea.

Just kidding. You have to choose.

Who is coolest?

Nathan Fillion
Neil Patrick Harris


That was really hard because they are both super cool.

On the weekend I saw "Waitress" and I really adored it, primarily because of Nathan Fillion's fabulous performance as the cheating, lovestruck Dr Pomatter.

My issues with the ending aside, I found the film both funny and moving; Keri Russell is marvellous as Jenna, and Fillion has never been better - it's my favourite of his roles, and I don't say that lightly because I was a big Mal fan. The love story between these two had me from the moment they met, and kept me riveted and full of squealing glee throughout the entire film.

In one scene, she's straddling his lap, heavily pregnant, and he's gazing up at her with total adoration and she tells him she's never had a best friend before and that he's her best friend, and it's so genuinely romantic it brought tears to my eyes, because this woman was just so SAD all the time, and her life truly sucked in a way that any woman with an ounce of empathy would find heart-wrenching.

The other highlight for me was the performance by the absurdly charming Andy Griffith, as crotchety Old Joe.

There are problems with the film, none so much for me as the ending, which I want to talk about so if you don't wish to be spoiled stop reading now.

Given that I was more invested in the romance than anything else I was extremely dissatisfied with the way it was swept aside the moment Jenna laid eyes on her baby. Her disinterest in her own pregnancy contributed to many of the film's most poignant moments, mostly in the form of the letters she writes to her unborn child which we hear via the (wonderfully witty) voice-over. Of course we were being set up for a massive change of heart and it's not that I didn't want her to fall in love with her baby, but I was just really bothered by the idea that having a baby will not only solve all your problems, change your life and make you stronger and happier, it will also rid you of the need for any other kind of love. I just don't *buy* it, which might be okay if it was a fantasy that appealed to me, but being a single mother isn't something I dream about at night, so. (Whereas spending the rest of my life with Nathan Fillion...)
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