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Lost + Batman

Oh man, I sort of really loathe that actor who plays Charles Widmore (Alan Dale, best known as Caleb from The OC, and that dude in Ugly Betty), partly because he never seems to play a Kiwi (or Aussie) in any of the millions of tv shows he appears in, and he *cannot do accents*. I know Widmore is supposed to be English but why the fuck does his attempt at an English accent make him sound South African?

Dear gods of television,


Your faithful servant,


So anyway, because of this I really didn't find that scene between him and Ben to be very suspenseful because I was just thinking how much cooler Ben is and how much better an actor Michael Emerson is, and how I really don't want those two to be on an equal footing or in it together (or whatever the fuck is going on), nor do I want to see more of Charle Widmore and clearly I'm gonna. LAME. I guess also, I'm not particularly invested in the Desmond/Penny romance so I found Ben threatening to kill Penny a tad anti-climactic.

I'm also a bit, like, whatever about Michael being back because he's such an unlikeable character and I have never cared about any of his stories.

Tom is gay! There is a gay character in Lost! Granted, he is a henchman, but at least he's one of the nicer henchmen. (Now I understand why he liked Jack so much. It's because Jack is HOT.)

Speaking of the hotness that is Jack, I find him so attractive that even when he's being a whiny, drunken, drug addled bitch I would still hit that. In the last episode I watched, he and Kate are shacked up together with Claire's baby. I cannot wait to find out what happened there, but mostly I was pleased to see those two smooching. And then we find out that Sawyer is not the final member of the Oceanic 6 (I'm presuming the baby isn't counted), but that he is alive (yay) and still on the island. And of course, Kate still loves him. Best love triangle ever!

One thing I found really sad was finding out the Jin is dead. I WEPT.


Look, I know Grant Morrison smokes crack for breakfast but seriously, what the hell is going on in Batman right now? If anyone understands the last issue please explain it to me. (Tony Daniel draws the best Bruce. Y/Y/MFY? Dick's hair is a little too long and eighties for my liking though.)
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