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I have very little work to do at the moment.

I have just finished writing ten thousand words of nothing but porn. I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF. Except, the current ending is really not very happy and I feel bad about that. May need to rethink. The thing is though, the story I had in my head doesn't actually finish there at all, but that means I will have to write a sequel which is something I am notoriously bad at doing, as many of you know, or not finish the story where I have and just keep on writing. That seems crazy though because ten thousand words is long enough for a story as far I'm concerned. IDK.

One thing is clear to me now though: Bruce Wayne = Ultimate Porn Star.

Hey, it's Friday and I'm posting! Last Friday I realised that I missed my LJ versary this year, maybe because it was on a Friday and I never post on Fridays anymore. (Hey, is anymore one word or two? Because I think of it as one word but spellcheck does not like it.) And it's sad! Because I always did these special posts about how much I love fandom on my versary and this year you don't get one. :*(
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