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Lost, 3.19: The Brig

Oh man, Lost just got *so fucking good* last night and I am DYING to talk about it but I feel like it's pointless because I'm so far behind and also I am scared someone will accidentally spoil me. So for those of you that still watch I ask you only this: please do not confirm or deny what I am about to start yelling about. If, by the end of season 4, you are still unsure (as in, the show hasn't confirmed or denied this) then by all means come talk about it with me (but without spoiling me for anything after 3.19 of course).


I love that twist SO VERY MUCH I CAN'T EVEN. Now, in episode 3.19, this is presented as a very real possibility: not only do we find out from the crashed parachutist (Naomi) that the plane and *all the bodies* were found, Locke's evil-as-fuck father explicitly states that the only possible explanation for what's going on is that they are all in hell, because he himself was in a fatal car crash and then he woke up on the island, bound and gagged and facing the son he killed.

There are a lot of things I don't understand yet (obviously. This is Lost after all.) but I can't stop thinking about whether this actually makes SENSE. And the bits that DO make sense make it the single best possible explanation ever!

1. Nearly all our main character were bad people in their former life: Sawyer and Kate killed someone, Sayid was a torturer, Charlie was a drug addict, Claire was responsible for her mother's death, Jack was a gigantic jerk, Hurley wasn't bad but he WAS cursed, Jin worked for a gangster, Sun cheated on her husband, Boone fucked his sister etc.

2. Ben is clearly the devil. (BRILLIANT casting.)

3. No one can get off the island. We saw Michael leave but we don't know if he made it home. The submarine is now gone; according to Naomi the island doesn't exist; radios don't work.

4. There are evil spirits and polar bears on the island.

5. Sometimes dead people don't stay dead. See Mikhail, who we saw die horribly in one episode, then a few episodes later he was walking around, totally fine. See Naomi, who seemed dead but then wasn't. See everyone who was on the plane that crashed! I'm not sure how to figure out why other people DO stay dead, like Boone and Eko, and a few of the Others (Ethan, for instance) but I assume that will be explained.

6. No one can have babies.

7. Pushing a button without knowing why for eternity is a truly hellish task.

Not sure how or why the Others were able to put Juliet on the island though, or what the significance of Desmond and his amazing time travelling abilities is, and I have no clue how Locke fits into the theory yet. He wasn't a bad person at all but his previous life was hell and on the island he is special and can walk and apparently has the ability to heal people just by hanging out with them, so. OH GOD I DON'T KNOW BUT IT IS ALL EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING.


In other news, I am totally in the writing zone, and it feels awesome. It's incredible how rusty you get if you don't do it for a while, and the first thousand words or so were such a struggle and I think a lot of it is just plain bad writing (as Toby Ziegler would say). But now I've got my porn flow on and gosh it's fun to make boys do filthy things to each other. I'd forgotten!
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