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Erykah Badu was FUCKING AMAZING. I'm incapable of being more coherent than that I'm afraid but I doubt any of you care because I get the impression that most of my flist prefers rock music and maybe doesn't even know who I'm talking about? All you need to know: she has been my favourite singer for more than a decade, and last night my reaction to her was an alternating mixture of screaming my head off, weeping with joy and gazing at her with my mouth open wide, totally mesmerised.


On a far more sombre note, this is a terrifying and potent article (with a hopeful conclusion, thankfully) that all of you should read:

Now, the backlash
The sex industry is booming, the rape conviction rate is plummeting, women's bodies are picked over in the media, abortion rights are under serious threat and top business leaders say they don't want to employ women. It all adds up to one thing ... an all-out assault on feminism. But why? And what's to be done about it, asks Kira Cochrane


Because at least two of you are interested, here are my thoughts on The West Wing S1:

I find almost every character (except CJ) somewhat annoying, but actually I think it's not the characters that are annoying me but Aaron Sorkin and his agenda. If I'd watched the show when it first aired I doubt I would have had any such qualms about the smug, self-congratulatory, 'look at how freaking smart I am' tone of the writing, but unfortunately I'm privvy to Sorkin's many issues due to the woeful embarrassment that was "Studio 60", so there it is. If a character was going to win for Most Annoying, it would be Moira Kelly's Mandy, with her incessant whining and her nails-on-a-chalk-board, sing-song voice. glammetalkitten pointed out to me that Kelly also plays Lucas's mom in "One Tree Hill", which must be the reason she seemed so familiar. It should be said that I found her irritating in that show as well so in this particular case I'm not going to blame Sorkin.

All that being said, for the most part I find TWW highly enjoyable television. Annoying at times, yes, but also fascinating, charming as hell, and with a certain amount of quirky sex appeal. Josh and Sam are particularly adorable; I find myself oddly attracted to Toby; Charlie and Danny are both lovely; and CJ is -- to quote Barney Stinson -- *legendary*. (Could Allison Janney ever not be marvellously likeable? According to yesterday's poll at least 16% of you agree that she could never not be! or something).

I won't get too much into the specifics of the plot, mostly because I don't understand any of it, but I will say that the s1 finale cliffhanger was very effective, in that I now really must find out who, if anyone, got shot.


Speaking of yesterday's poll (and you would know that I was if you bothered to read about my thoughts on The West Wing), I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the results. Every time someone voted for PS I Love You, I laughed out loud - to choose that film in the face of my brutally scathing comments was extremely amusing to me, and I love you all for doing so.

Thank you, flist, for making sure that McAvoy won in his category. for a moment there I was afraid Barrowman was going to win, which would have been unacceptable because this is my journal and I find him icky.

Everyone who picked sandwiches over curry and pasta gets one million points. I'm not sure why that has such huge comedy value for me, but I suspect it has something to do with Joey Tribiani.

It really pleases me that Samantha is my flist's favourite SATC girl, and that Tom Welling is still your favourite hot CW guy. Y'all like Booth/Brennan a lot! I totally agree of course (I like all the pairings in the pairings category) but their popularity still kind of surprised me.


Finally, I have started writing a story! My theory is that if I say it out loud enough I will be forced to actually finish it. But I have a paragraph down and ideas for a second paragraph, possibly even a third, and this is what I call Progress. YAY.
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