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I just bought tickets for Erykah Badu next Monday! *FLAPS* I saw her a few years ago and I love her so much that when she walked out onto the stage I burst into tears, then she proceeded to blow my mind. I should probably get tickets for Jill Scott too because she is playing on 18 July, only I wasn't that fussed about her latest album so I'm not sure about it. But she is very fabulous and apparently amazing live - I wish she was as good a lyricist as she thinks she is though. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.


I was sick in bed all weekend which meant I could handily continue my rewatching of Alias marathon. It is a really good show. Plus I managed to get my flatmate Suz hooked, although she only joined me at the start of season 3 so there was a lot of explaining that had to be done, and of course when I randomly wailed things like "I MISS WILL AND FRANCIE" she didn't understand how serious I was. It's been such a long time since I watched it that I don't remember anything and it's very much like seeing it all for the first time. (And actually that might not be far from the truth because some of the S3 episodes we watched yesterday were so wholly unfamiliar to me that I suspect I maybe skipped a disc by mistake when I originally watched them. Stupid yes, but absolutely the sort of thing I do.)

Who does everyone ship on Alias? I love Sydney/Vaughn because they are so destined (and also, HOT), but I also love Jack/Irena and Sarkney. I might hunt for some Alias fic right now actually.


I had sexy dreams about Josh from the West Wing when I was delirious with illness on Friday. I was not aware that I fancied him!

(McAvoy does not look remotely groggy in this mood theme pic, correct? Ooh, "Wanted" opens in London this week! Any London people fancy coming with me maybe on Sunday?)
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