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SV S4 - Pariah

*is sad*

A list of thoughts:

  • Alicia dies. I knew it was coming but I didn't like it when it happened. And by a lame ass meteor mutant with reasons for killing her more retarded than anything from S1, and that's saying something.
  • SV is without a doubt the most beautiful show ever made. Clark literally *breaks my heart* here. He's so perfect looking, so sensual, and seeing him cry was. Oh GOD. Unbearable.
  • Then there's Jensen Ackles. Atually, when he's in a scene with Tom Welling, it's almost too much pretty for a girl to take. Are they *trying* to kill me? See, weirdly, it took me a while to warm to Jason, and I know they wreck the character (duh, it's *Smallville*), but holy crap, he's utterly, utterly gorgeous. And I now love him. (Supernatural, you're getting your ass downloaded, pronto.)
  • For God's sake, can Lex *be* any sexier? I'll tell you. NO. NO HE CANNOT. That suit he's wearing with the dark shirt? *whimpers*
  • I am officially in love with Chloe Sullivan. Always have been, really. But now it's all out in the open and I'm not hiding anymore. I LOVE THIS GIRL WITH ALL MY HEART.
  • Lois Lane. You ROCK. I don't care what anyone says. I think Erica whatever-her-name-is, is fucking *perfect*.
  • Lana. She hasn't actually annoyed me all that much this season, mostly because there hasn't been much Clana (thank fuck). Still, she's on a par with Jonathan as being the shittiest character on SV. I just can't really be *bothered* with her, you know? She's so damn *pointless*.

That's all I got.

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