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a more boring post than yesterday.

I love Jennifer Hudson's new single "Spotlight" and love that she doesn't just shout her way through it because she is better than that.


One thing I am watching right now is season 1 of The West Wing. See, at first I hated how fantastical it was and how it was so like, NOTHING TO DO WITH REALITY, but now that actually may be my favourite thing about it because I get so swept up in it whenever the music tells me to get swept up. It seriously makes me cry once an episode, and maybe that's because I am emo right now or MAYBE it is because it is actually quite well done! We shall never know.

Allison Janney is awesome and I love her. Also, it is nice to see Bradley Whitford play a character I don't want to kick in the nuts. (Aaron Sorkin is still a dickwad though, but I concede that he is a dickwad with a modicum of talent.)


WEEDS. Welcome back, Nancy and my beloved Andy etc, you are as hot and awesome and funny as ever. <3 <3 <3 I really enjoyed this episode (4.01) although I'm weirded out by my rather disturbingly strong attraction to Nancy's new boss, drug kingpin and arsonist extraordinaire, Guillermo. MROWR. He's so naughty and he exudes a lot of sexual magnetism and I just really want Nancy to jump him a whole lot.


I am going to see Peaches tonight. No, not Peaches Geldof which a lot of people over here thought I meant when I told them (and I was all, HOW DARE YOU. Of course I would not pay money to see Peaches Geldof be a DJ. Dumbasses). But this Peaches here who sings about fucking the pain away and other sex-related activities. Should be good non-clean fun, although I won't be drinking and I have a sort throat so I'll prolly leave early like a lameass and go to bed.


And now for the interactive section of this post. A quickie poll.

Would you rather...?

Fuck the pain away.
Take some nurofen.
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