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What squicks you?

No judgements here, let’s just talk about what to us is the anti-hot. (Aside: I recognise that in the right hands all of these squicks could be -- and have been -- made to work for me.)

Intergenerational incest: While I’m not wild about incest pairings in general (because too many people make them fluffy and romantic and that is gross. If all Sam/Dean fic was about how fucked up and wrong and destructive a sexual relationship between them would be, I might not hate the pairing so much. I also quite dug Peter/Nathan for a while because of the vaguely abusive vibe I got from Nathan, but then I read one too many “romantic” P/N fics and was put off forever) I find myself crossing my legs, squeezing tight and crying when faced with the prospect of abusive mothers and fathers. Whether it’s consensual or not, it is all icky afaic.

Aside: I would like to point out at this juncture that Bruce is not Dick’s father and everything about that pairing is awesome.

Baby talk/endearments: In het, endearments don’t bother me quite so much, and in reality the thought of men calling each other sweetie and baby makes me smile wide, but I definitely do not find it erotic.

Abusive “dirty talk”: I like d/s a lot but I can recall occasions being thrown out of a fic because one partner started hurling abuse at the other while they were fucking. I think it can work if it feels in character and if there’s a narrative *point* to it (we all like some good hate sex after all), but in and of itself, I’m not too interested in hearing men calling their partners sluts, whores, cunts, bitches, bastards, pricks or fucking assholes. Perhaps this one is a particularly personal squick because I can’t think of anything more off-putting (and possibly scary) than having a man start talking to me like that during sex. Which leads me to...

Misogynistic men (and women who get off on them): Generally speaking they do not turn me on. Shocking!

Excessive fluff. Like, when the fluff is at the expense of any kind of believable characterisation. I love a light-hearted romantic comedy as much as the next girl but it is possible to do in-character comedy and sometimes I think writers forget that.

Meta (in fic): This doesn’t so much gross me out as irritate the fuck out of me. It’s a style of writing that seems to be very popular in fandom and it’s something a lot of talented writers do waaaaaay too much. You know the type of thing I mean. When it’s all tell, no show. When the author explains to us their take on the character rather than simply telling a story and letting us figure it out. I prefer characterisation to be done through dialogue and narrative, not with meta.

Help me think of more, flist!
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