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I watched the original Stepford Wives for the first time on the weekend and it really freaked me out. The message: men are scum-sucking, shallow, evil fuckheads! Oh, and women are awesome but no matter what, they will be oppressed. GOOD TIMES.


Anyway! Tell me about your TV plans for the next season. Are you giving anything up? Picking up something new?

My plans are as follows:

30 Rock: CAN'T WAIT FOR S3. WILL NEVER GIVE UP. (Although if Alec leaves the show I may stop loving it as hard as I currently do.)

Battlestar Galactica: I just don't really care about this show anymore. I still have two episodes to watch and the thought of doing so feels more like a chore than fun, which is not ideal. The other day I made my flatmate Kirsty watch the pilot and it was weird to see how fucking GOOD BSG was in its first year. Just so human and chilling and clever, and now it's pretty much nonsense with a side of mumbo-jumbo. I really miss the plan. Was there ever a plan? If so, what exactly was it?

Bones: Even though this is a Pretty Good but not Brilliant procedural, I'm too enamoured with all the characters to give up Bones any time soon, and I'm actually quite excited about who they will replace Zach with. They haven't failed me yet with their casting so I'm expecting it to be someone totally awesome.

Entourage: I'm finally caught up! Last season was a bit hit and miss for me (too much horribly annoying director dude for my liking) but I love Ari so much I want to take him home with me and lock him in my closet. Then there is Vince, who is almost too attractive to be real.

Friday Night Lights: I'm nervous, to say the least, but this is probably the show I'm most invested in after 30 Rock, so I've got my fingers crossed that they will match the quality of season one.

Gossip Girl: Pretty, dumb and funner than Disney Land. Let's hope it doesn't go down the same road of shite the OC did.

House: I'm kind of over it, but I love House, Cuddy and Wilson enough to keep watching.

The L Word: Last season!! :*( This is a show I'm going to miss a whole lot when it's over. I hope the gods of television replace it with another female-centric show because we'll need it.

Mad Men: GUH. Fucking amazing, amazing, mind-blowing, spectacularly different and freaky and important and just. YES. Am very much looking forward to the next season of this show, because S1 was one of the most remarkable things to happen to TV last year.

Smallville: Ah, the big question. Will I watch the last season? (It is the last season right?! If they do more after S8 I shall be very put out.) As I said to Boppy the other day, I will probably give it a go if certain of you tell me it's really good, but otherwise I can't see myself bothering. So. Verdict unknown!

Weeds: Absolutely will keep watching, although I don't really know where they're going to go with it now. I love it but I also have a funny feeling it's on its last legs.


I usually add new things to my viewing list each year but I won't know what until they've started. Probably won't pick Prison Break up again, even though Sara is back in the fold; I was tired of the formula by the end of season 2 and haven't the energy to start watching again. But if anyone else is and Sara and Michael actually get together (and by together I mean they DO IT) then please let me know so I can download at least that one episode.

I will, of course, be watching Dollhouse when it starts in January. God I hope it doesn't suck.
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