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A weird and delightful thing happened to me last night. I was lounging on the couch watching random season one 30 Rock episodes, as you do, and I got to the episode "The Rural Juror" and -- and you're not going to believe this -- I realised within a minute or two that-


I realised that I had ~*~AHEM~*~ never seen it before.


So I think what must have happened is this: when I was first watching the dvds in order I got confused and skipped it because The Rural Juror is something that had been mentioned in a couple of other episodes so I guess I thought I'd already seen it! I am awesome. Just when I thought I had no new episodes of my favourite show to watch, BAM! I totally did and it was brilliant.


I am now going to tell you all about the results of yesterday's poll, because it is interesting:

45.1% of us feel disappointed when someone we like and respect is mean about something we love.
25.4% feel annoyed! (Hilariously I have almost certainly dissed something you love in this very journal, because I hate most of the things fandom thinks are great. To those of you that like and respect me, SORRY ABOUT THAT. /not really)
14.1% are amused, clearly because they know they have superior taste and that everyone else is just being silly.
12.7%, quite sensibly, don't give a rat's ass what their friends think.

YAY TINA FEY. She cleaned up in the hottest lady category with 40.3% of the vote. Lena Heady was next with 33.9%, and I guess I can understand that because I watched the pilot of the Sarah Whatsit Chronicles the other day (it sucks) and thought she was quite foxy. Jennifer Beals is better though, so I don't understand why she got fewer votes. Whatever. Only 4.8% of you like Ellen Page best, probably the chan fans on my flist? /kidding

Thank God you people understand that Singin' in the Rain is the best musical! But I really can't forgive you for voting Grease and Sound of Music as better than West Side Story. Just no.

63.2% of us prefer savoury food, and not that many people on my flist read porn anymore, including myself. Those that did rec me stories, thank you! I will be avoiding all SPN and SGA recs but the rest I shall look at.

We agree with gay men everywhere and find Jake Gyllenhaal the hottest dude.

Best of all, most people on my flist ship Bruce and Dick! LOL ILU ALL. A staggering 47.8% of you think Dick brings out the best in Bruce when it comes to sexin. 26.9% believe he is the very best (I am totally on board with you), 7.5% think he is inexperienced but a natural, and 17.9% of you are big spoilsports who think he's Not Good (you lot are all fired).

Ah, I'm so proud right now! Lex CLEANED UP in the most difficult portion of the poll with an impressive 40% of the votes. Next came the delicious Tony Stark (well played, flist. RDJ is hotter than fire) and then -- with far fewer votes than expected -- came Dean Winchester with only 12.9% (stop calling girls bitches, Dean! This is the price you pay). My lovely Dick Grayson came next, with 10%, and then Seeley Booth with 7.1%. No one likes Lee the most, but I don't think he should take that personally - he was up against some stiff competition. OOH ER!

I am also very pleased with how the girls did. Six and Lois tied for first place, each with 21.2% of the vote. YAY. They were my two first choices and they both deserve it. Lisa Cuddy is the next most favourite - naturally. Rose came last, but at least she got one vote right?
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