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Last two House episodes, ET, and Anthony Head

I really do love how much House lusts after Cuddy, and his fantasy of her stripping for him was off the scale hot zomg. Her body is out of control. But also! She loves him so much!! She *slept at the hospital until he woke up holding his hand*. And then was all, "THANK GOD" when he opened his eyes. *weeps*

Wilson and Amber broke my heart. I was spoiled for Amber's death but that didn't stop it being horrible. :*(

Very tragical finale (although it didn't make me cry as much as Smallville did. That was kind of an ET type situation which we won't speak of again. Hey, did you know that when I watched ET for the second time in my life, at about the age of 20, the memory of how sad it is was obviously ingrained quite permanently on my brain because I started crying in the first scene. I'm not kidding. I started crying pretty much the moment the movie started and then I didn't stop until the end. It wasn't even my women times! It's just a really, really upsetting movie which I refuse to ever watch again, because crying that much gives me headaches.)


Buffy fans! I read this neat little story in the Holy Moly newsletter about the awesomeness that is Anthony Head (and his partner) today (ignore the bit in the intro that insults Buffy fans. Coz you guys aren't like that):

Last week I asked you intrepid moles to investigate a story about Anthony Head's allegedly hidden and withered hand. You answered in your hundreds (note to self - never question the digits of an actor who is adored by freaky geeky Buffy fans - b.o.r.i.n.g. with a capital twats). The evidence was put forward, you the jury decided that after minutes of Google imaging and wild speculation that, as he plays the guitar, it is unlikely that said hand is completely 'Beadled', however this picture seems to suggest that his fingers are of 'odd length'.

A mole writes:

"It's completely true, although it's not damaged in the sense of being hideously disfigured, he is self-conscious about it enough to keep it hidden as much as possible. I knew this a long time ago and as a result, when I met him at an awards bash in 2005, I offered him my left hand to shake, he said, 'How charming,' and we spent the next hour or so chatting away, during which his right hand remained under the table. At one point I offered to fetch him and his lovely partner (unmarried after more than 20 years together; they don't see the need) more champagne only to be told that it had run out. On reporting this to Anthony he coolly said, 'Hmm, let me try,' went to the same bar, said firmly to the help, 'My friends - and I - would like more champagne,' and more fizz magically appeared. We all ended up completely shit-faced. During the evening he bit into a mini-burger and decided he didn't like it. His lady partner took the remaining half, wrapped it in a napkin and said, 'That can go on eBay...'"



I have lots of comics to read on the weekend and I'm really looking forward to doing that and watching telly and cooking lots of nice food and having Monday off. I loved Huntress Year One btw. Helena is my favourite.
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