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T-Rex, stupidity, Bones and Gossip Girl

The last panel of yesterday's dinosaur comic killed me.

Spiderman vs Alfred vs T-Rex!



I accidentally spoiled myself for the last episode of House yesterday. I'm about five or six episodes behind (I gave up on it for a while but then when people started talking about it again I felt left out so now I'm back baby) and anyway, I watched Bones last night and then I saw this post on my flist and the title of the cut-tag was "spoilers for bones and house" and my brain apparently ignored the bit about house and then BAM. Totally spoiled and it's all my fault.

Bones, 3.15: The Pain in the Heart

What the ever-loving FUCK? Unlike a lot of flisters I'm glad it *wasn't* Sweets, because as much as I love Zach, and as much as I'm disappointed that Zach will no longer be in the show, he didn't really interact with the other characters in an interesting way (bar King of the Lab), whereas I love the dynamic between Bones, Booth and Sweets (to the point where I practically ship them as a threesome), and I love the addition of (wacky) psycho-analysis to the mix.

Still! WHY GOD WHY. I mean, it was certainly a kick in the heart but without a real explanation as to *why* Zach found a cannibalistic serial killer *logical* (ffs) I don't know why I'm supposed to just accept that. A CURSE ON THE WRITER'S STRIKE.

Highlight (probably of my life):

Booth in the bath, smoking a cigar, wearing a beer hat and reading a Green Lantern comic, which he describes as a "graphic novel" when Bones asks him what he's reading. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Gossip Girl, 1.18: Much 'I Do' About Nothing

Lily and Rufus love each other forever but she got married anyway. :( Presumably she will continue shagging him next season because she can't get enough of his rockstar booty, but I still find it hard to respect the notion that growing up and moving on means settling for a man you don't actually love just because you sometimes get lonely. Lily is totally awesome and not a victim at all but I do hope she comes to her senses soon and ditches Bart Bass (who is a TOOL).

Blair and Chuck FTMFW. I love them both.

Totally disappointed that Vanessa ditched Nate for Dan because while Nate might not be the sharpest tool in the box he's a really a lot hotter and better than Dan. They need to write Dan out of this show because everyone on my flist hates him and so do I and we know best.
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