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Gossip Girl, 1.17: Woman on the Verge

Surprise surprise, the murder plot that I was so looking forward to turned out to be yet another 'This is your brain before you do drugs, this is your brain after you do drugs' moral tale that's a staple of every show about American teens. And given how fucking stupid Serena is to actually think that was her fault in any way, the message is clear: Drugs are BAD, kiddies. Haha, "I gave him the line that killed him, boo hoo." Uh, THEY WERE HIS DRUGS SWEETHEART. Not that I don't think she should have felt awful about it, but claiming that she "killed someone" is just misleading (and disappointing, because now she's back to being boring as shit).

Whatever! I totally forgive the show for such a retarded story because it meant we got the awesome foursome in a room together (which hasn't really happened much at all), and what I loved most about that was that even though they all hate each other they obviously don't at all. I got such a kick out of seeing that the four of them, ultimately, are completely loyal to each other and would do anything for anyone else in the group. Also, I love that Dan will never be a part of their clique, because he's such a douchebag and Serena's the only one who likes him (see aforementioned stupidity as a result of drug use.

PSA FROM GOSSIP GIRL: Girls, if you do drugs you could end up with a boyfriend like Dan, and no one wants that. Yuck!)

Best of all was all the Lily/Rufus OTP goodness, and Rufus's band not actually sucking too much (I was scared about that!) and Lily being Mom of the Year, and this:

Lily: Get out of my way.
Rufus: No.
Lily: Yes.


I'm so happy about that kiss because it turned me on a lot. /tmi

I think I ship Chuck with everyone? At the moment I'm mostly shipping Chuck and Serena because it's wrong but feels good, and there's no denying the sexual chemistry between Chuck and Nate (has Nate become a lot cooler recently or is just my imagination?). I probably prefer Chuck and Blair more as friends tbh, and while Chuck wouldn't fuck him I'm pretty sure he'd let Dan give him a blowjob.
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