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Bones, 3.14: The Wannabe in the Weeds

A part of me wants to bitch about the last episode of Bones for being the most contrived, unlikely, badly told story in the history of the show, but then the rest of me just wants to grin dopily and chant I LOVE BONES I LOVE BONES at you. Because it totally rocked!

How about a bit of both.

I'm going to assume that the fat chick's psychological condition was a real one because "Bones" does pride itself on getting the science right, but even so, how hilarious! What was it again? She's a bit overweight but thinks she's a lot overweight but thinks she's got everyone convinced that she's only a bit overweight. Batshit! Also, this woman was so insane I don't understand how she was allowed to walk around freely.

So it takes a handsome guy merely touching her on the arm for her to develop an instant obsession with him? Seriously, she may as well have done the Doctor Evil pinky to lip move at that moment (I'll mostly blame the thuddingly unsubtle actress for it, but there was really no need for the camera to linger on her glinting eyes; not only would it have been more suspenseful if they hadn't bashed us over the head with the crazysauce, I'm not stupid. It was already obvious we were dealing with a stalker!). And how come it only took a few days (or weeks I guess) before she was ready to murder any woman Booth looks at with affection? She sustained her crush on AI boy for much longer than a few weeks without losing her shit, right?

Anyway, my point is: the entire story felt very contrived and clearly its sole purpose was to deliver the cliffhanger of heartstopping awesomeness, which made me cry like a baby. I fucking LOVE how Bones just shot her in the throat without even blinking, and the bit before that was gold too: Bones singing and Booth looking like he'd never seen anything more awesome in his life, and wow do they love each other hard! <3

Sweets totally rules too, as do shows that mock American Idol.
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