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Smallville, 7.19: Quest / 30 Rock, 2.15: Cooter

Smallville, 7.19: Quest

Highlight: Clark and Lex taking off their shirts whilst dripping with sweat. MROWR. Thanks Smallville! (Also, the ending. Does that mean Lex now has control of Clark do we think? Even if only for his final episode that would be pretty sweet.)

Lowlight: Chloe being a fucking psycho. She can stop encouraging Clark to be a *murderer* any time she damn wants, and then she can go fuck herself. HE'S NOT A GOD YOU STUPID WENCH AND TO KEEP INSISTING ON THAT MAKES YOU NOT ONLY EXTREMELY CREEPY BUT *DANGEROUS* TOO. Jeez. I really hope she's not in it next season because Clark doesn't need that shit and also, there's like, no *tension* between them, so their scenes together are generally unspeakably boring. /end rant

30 Rock, 2.15: Cooter


The answer to that is a resounding NO IT CANNOT btw.

Highlight: Jack's face when he was listening to the gazillion phone messages Liz left on his phone. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. See, Liz can't live without him at all and calls him constantly, not about work but about her personal stuff, because he's her best friend. BEST FRIEND. (Not that there is a lot of competition but that doesn't stop it from being insanely romantic.) And I really don't know if Alec is just fucking with us, but he's playing Jack as if he's *completely and utterly smitten with her*. HIS FACE. The absolute and utter joy at just hearing her voice; the split second when he heard she was pregnant where he was like, "NOOOOO! SHE'S HAVING A BABY AND IT'S NOT MINE!!!!!"; the amusement, fondness, just straight up LOVE that he has for her. AND THEN HE FLEW BACK JUST TO BE THERE FOR HER. The offer to help her make a baby and her excited "what omg really?" was just the best thing ever and even though he denied meaning it THAT way, WE ALL KNOW THAT HE'S IN LOVE WITH HER AND WANTS HER TO HAVE HIS BABIES. <333333333333

Highlight 2: THE GAY BOMB. HAHAHAHAHA. "LET'S DO THIS." HAHAHA. I love you so much Jack.

Lowlights: NONE!

(I'm terribly sorry I appear to have no control over the capslock key at the moment.)


I also saw the first six or so episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" which I like mostly because of Neil Patrick Harris, but also because of the others (except the main dude who has not grown on me yet).
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