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Smallville, 7.18: Apocalypse


A question re "Titans": what's the story with Donna Troy? Didn't she die or something?

Re Batman: please tell me the artist from the last issue isn't doing the RIP arc. BRING BACK TONY DANIEL.


Smallville, 7.18: Apocalypse

Things I took away from this epiosde:

1. I clearly missed nothing by not watching Sleeper.

2. Clark and Lois are awesome separately and super awesome together: HOW SEXY ARE THEY HOLY CRAP. His save of her and the way they beamed at each other while he held her in his arms was my favourite bit of the episode by a mile. I love how attracted they are to each other and how easy it is to believe that they will fall deeply in love sometime in the near future.

3. Clark may not have been able to save Lex but he slowed down his descent into evil by a considerable amount, which I find deeply romantic. Mostly I'm glad the writers have been listening to all the Lex apologists who mistakenly think that Clark is to blame for Lex's dark side, because now they have *explicitly said* (and no one can argue with this BECAUSE IT'S CANON): "Uh no. Clark is not to blame. Lex was always going to be evil, and in fact, knowing Clark has made him *considerably less evil* than he otherwise would have been at this point in time." Of course, how Lex managed to become president and Lois managed to win her Pulitzer at such young ages is something we won't dwell on. The point is, Clark is wonderful and he makes Lex try hard to be a better man (and if that's not true love I don't know what is).


I also loved "Iron Man", quite liked "BSG", liked "30 Rock" (not my favourite ep tho), am really loving "Mad Men" (4 more episodes to go; will review properly when I'm done), LOVED "State of Play" (smart and superb. Also, after watching an episode the other day I then went and had a dream about James McAvoy and we were in love with each other and it was so cool it made me horny for the entire morning afterwards), LOVED "Flight of the Conchords" (IS THERE GONNA BE MORE?! I really hope so.).

Finally, that Usher song "Love in the Club" is so embarrassing.
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