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BSG theory; 30 Rock, 2.13

A few days ago I got friended on facebook by someone with the same name as me (I friended her back of course), and then today I got invited to join a group of all the people with my name and there are now 14 members! Apparently we are "legendary" and we have "graced the world with our presence" and "life just wouldn't be the same without us". LOL.

circe_tigana and blythely: is my CV ready to be used as is or are you still slaving over it and making it awesome?


On Saturday night I was at this party and I ended up talking about Battlestar Galactica with two other fans. Random! Now, I don't participate in the fandom at all other than reading bop_radar's reviews, so I have no idea what sort of speculation there is with regards to the final cylon and stuff like that (also, I don't really approach television in this way. I pretty much never bother trying to predict what's going to happen because a) when I do I'm always wrong, b) it's not in my nature. I prefer to take each episode as it comes), but it was totally fun hearing what one of these dudes reckons, and I think his theory is a good one.

He is sure that the only possible person it could be is Laura Roslin. Now, I can dig that, mostly because it makes great sense from a dramatic POV: obviously the final cylon is going to be one of the main players, and she's the only one it could be that would both shock and satisfy. I can't see it being Adama, because he had sons, and there's no evidence (is there?) that cylons can manipulate human memories. Which means it can't be Lee either. I do not believe it's Kara, even though I think we're meant to suspect it maybe is.

Laura OTOH, has been more driven to find earth than anyone else. Yes, she has "cancer", but that could easily be a red herring, to put us off the scent. Maybe she was made that way to make her more trustworthy to the humans?

Anyway! We are probably way off. Please share your own theories with me, and fill me in on any other theories floating about (but no spoilers please. If this info has indeed come out already I do not want to know.)


30 Rock, 2.13: Succession

I've been making everyone who lives at/comes to my house watch 30 Rock and last night I converted my friend Hilary, who laughed along hysterically to a number of selectively chosen episodes and then admitted to me that it was made of awesome.

This episode ROCKED SO HARD. I can't even. As a big fan of the film, "Amadeus", and also, as a big fan of porn, I pretty much couldn't get enough of the Tracy plot. Frank as Salieri will never not be funny: from his initial dismissal of Tracy's idea, to his crippling envy, to his committment to help Tracy invent the ultimate porn video game. Comedy GOLD.

But more importantly! Liz has never been more wonderful.


Obviously I have a big crush on corporate!Liz. As does JACK. Who looked so proud of her in *every scene*, and who clearly cannot live without her even for a SECOND, because even though Liz is pretty much the least corporate type in the history of the world, he didn't even think twice about promoting her just so she would be with him. THAT'S TRUE LOVE, PEOPLE.

Best bits: the slaps, and Liz, disgusted with what a girl Jack was being, thrusting a tampon into his hand and stalking off. Then Jack slipping the tampon into his pocket. ♥ Alec improv: Y/Y?
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