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Kate’s Current Top 5 Fan Related Obsessions

I’m not quite the SV fangirl I once was although I’m still watching (and often enjoying) and I still think Tom Welling is unspeakably hot and I still think Clex is the greatest pairing fandom has ever seen, but my focus is sort of on other, smaller things at the moment, which I will now list:

Kate’s Current Top 5 Fan Related Obsessions:

  1. 30 Rock. This show is perfect. There is not one single thing about it that I don’t love with all my heart.

  2. Jack/Liz. My favourite thing about 30 Rock (and that’s saying a LOT) are these two characters both separately and as a super awesome, funny and sexy OTP. The gods of television really came through for me with these two, and I have actually surprised myself with the rather intense attraction I now have for Alec Baldwin, who is old enough to be my dad but I don’t even care – he’s fabulously attractive and possibly the funniest person on the planet.

  3. James McAvoy. My love/lust for this dude is bordering on embarrassing. I don’t normally get so fannish about an actor that I’ll watch anything they’re in (I’m normally more fannish about characters than actors) but McAvoy is the exception (I really enjoy calling him by his last name for some reason). I rented State of Play simply because of him and I watched the first episode the other day and was *actively annoyed* that he wasn’t in it. But then it was all okay because he was in the second episode that I watched last night and sexy as ever. It was shameful: every time he was onscreen I said something like, “HE’S SO GORGEOUS,” or “I LOVE HIM SO MUCH,” which made Kirsty laugh, but she was of course, forced to agree with me wholeheartedly after he kept smiling at us.

  4. Bones/Booth OTP. Separately they are both very hot, together they are SCORCHING.

  5. Hmm. Well I’m pretty freaking excited about the new Gossip Girl which I will be watching tonight. Lily! Rufus! Lily/Rufus! Chuck! Blair! The others. It’s going to be a pure pleasure injection and I cannae wait.

What are yours?
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