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Right, so I've decided to go on this special diet because I want to find out if my eczema is in any way related to the things I eat, which means for the next month or so I am going wheat and dairy and egg free.

Wheat free bread: WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS. The stuff I had for breakfast was alright, but not the stuff I had for lunch. That tasted like it had been crapped out by Satan, no exaggeration. The rest of the loaf is now in the bin.

Basically it's been half a day and I already miss cheese, milk and butter. And proper bread. And cookies. What the fuck am I supposed to have for lunch every day? WHY DOES SOYA MILK HAVE TO TASTE LIKE THAT? I'm just, I'm pretty sure I will get sick of salad if I eat it every day for lunch. Did you know that there is wheat and/or dairy in *absolutely everything that tastes good*? Did you know that? No? Well now you do.

Dinner shouldn't pose too much of a problem because I will just eat lots of steamed vegetables and meat. THANK GOD I CAN STILL EAT MEAT. I really don't understand you vegetarians. A life without steak and chicken and fish and BBQs is a life that sucks quite hard IMO. (One time when I was 19 I became a vegetarian for a few months because this beautiful guy I knew lectured me about the evils of eating meat. But I failed completely at it because I kept eating chicken by mistake.)

Of course, if during this diet my eczema clears up and then it turns out that I have a wheat or dairy or egg intolerance there's almost no chance in hell that I would give any of them up. So why am I doing this, you ask?


Please talk to me about your food allergies, and other annoying things like that. Also, what is your favourite and least favourite foods? I am weird and hate mushrooms.
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