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TV Roundup: 30 Rock, Bones, Smallville, Weeds

30 Rock, 2.12: Subway Hero

Favourite. Show. Ever? I am serious you guys. When I watch it I am in a constant state of giddiness and I love everyone so much and I ~*~LOVE~*~ Liz and Jack like I'm blind, and it's so consistently funny and genius and sexy (YES IT IS. IT IS VERY VERY SEXY.) that all I am capable of is incoherent squee.

Dean Winters returns! Could he be any more shameless and hilarious? I think not! I have a sort of strange fondness for the Dennis/Liz relationship, because even though he's a ginormous loser, he's so adorably devoted to her and that makes me feel all warm inside. Also, they are extremely funny together and think "The Hours" should be called "The Weeks" because it's so boring (HAHAHA), and they're good at making fun of people. <3

But of course they can never be, because Liz belongs to another. (Jack)

Yes, so I am choosing to believe that Jack did indeed bump Dennis for Liz's benefit, and that his sarcastic, "I base all my business decisions on your needs" was actually NOT SARCASTIC AT ALL. Because clearly he loves her with all his heart.

Someone needs to write a ship manifesto for those two, which I will then bask in.


Bones, 3.10: The Man in the Mud

I LOVE SWEETS. He is a great addition to the team and I think a lot better off without his stupid, annoying girlfriend.

This is not really about the episode, but I was watching the B/B kiss over and over the other day on youtube and I read a few comments (I know, I know, never read the comments on youtube unless you want to lose all faith in humanity, but my morbid curiosity got the better of me that day) and there were people saying, "I can't wait for them to get together for real" and stuff. And it just makes me realise how naive most television watchers are. Do they not understand that having Bones and Booth hook up for real would pretty much destroy everything that makes them so sexy? DO THEY NOT REMEMBER MOONLIGHTING?

FYI, I'm not a fan of RPF normally but I think I might be able to get into Emily/David as an RPF couple because it's pretty obvious to me that they're into each other.


Smallville, 7.16: Descent

Dear Michael Rosenbaum,




PS. Seriously though, you were amazing.

I loved the Clex scenes very much even if they are in the habit of repeating themselves:

"You need to try harder to be good."

"Nuh uh. It's your fault I'm bad. Oh, and my dad's. Basically I never stood a chance because of you two."

"No one trusts you."

"Yeah well, I'm pretty sure you're an alien."

"You're crazy! There's no such thing as aliens you nutbar!"

"You killed your dad."


"Suck my dick."

(Okay those last few lines were new.)

Anyway! I am considering writing a fic where Lex opens the box and gains total control over Clark, who he then, of course, turns into his sex monkey.


Weeds, S3

LOL THEY BURNED DOWN THE WHOLE TOWN. I was like, omg! Does that mean there isn't going to be a 4th season?! But there is, thank God, because this is one of the best shows on TV.

I do wish Celia hadn't caved so quickly with the cops because I loved drug-dealing!Celia. Also, I want Nancy's wardrobe.
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