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Bones, 3.09: The Santa in the Slush

Mere words cannot possibly do justice to the supreme hotness of one particular bit in this episode, so I fully recommend that you all watch this short youtube clip for proof (even if you saw the ep you should watch it and even if you are not a fan of the show YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT.)

This was so good it was like fanfic:

Bones and Booth Kiss (Behind the Scenes)!


It was just like fanfic! I love how they didn't *choose* to kiss each other because A) that would have somehow been less hot I think, and B) that would have destroyed all the beautiful UST that makes this show so enjoyable. I love how ridiculous the whole thing was! I love how Caroline represented the audience in this episode and was all, "I want to watch you two make out because it would be hot and if you do that for me I'll give you what you want." I love how watching them kiss made her all horny. GLEE!

It pleases me that the creative team (as well as Boreanaz and Deschanel) understands how important the sexual chemistry between Booth and Bones is, and how as much as we all want them to get together we also DON'T want them to get together, because it's much, much hotter that way.

Anyway, my point is this: that is the single sexiest kiss I have seen on television in my whole life. I cannot wait to watch the next episode tonight!
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