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I haven't read fic in months but have been curious recently about what the fic was like in Weeds and 30 Rock fandoms (next I will hit up the Bones fic comms because that's the other show I'm currently mainlining), and I found this amazing author called michellek, who wrote a lovely little Doug/Andy (from Weeds) fic called If We Were. Even better, she wrote/writes Jack/Liz porn! Oh yes, they are my new favourite pairing and this story is incredibly well written: it's funny and sexy as hell and she makes it very easy to imagine Jack saying those things to Liz in that marvellous voice of his, and just... yeah. Highly recommended!

Do you want me to teach you how to make love standing up?"

She scoffs half-heartedly. "What? I know--"

"You don't," he says, hand sliding higher up her leg. "Truth be told, the fact that you've managed to stay so sexually naive well into your thirties is somewhat... arousing." Voice even raspier than usual, he adds, "I can't wait to get you into the French Umbrella."

This is a Loveseat (Or Just a Couch We're Naked On)
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