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Hey Blythe, Circe and Jayest: I'm currently studying for my "Life in the UK" test (I have to pass this before I can apply for citizenship) and I just found out that I am not allowed to drive here until I sit the theory and practical driving tests! WTF. Basically if you have a licence from a country outside the EU you can use it for up to 12 months and in that time you have to sit the tests. After 12 months it's illegal to drive. THIS SUCKS. A) I really don't want to have to sit my driving test again (ONCE IS DEFINITELY ENOUGH), and B) I do not want to study for the theory part of it (It's instinctive now! Theory shmeory!). Which means our plans for me to drive us places is scuppered (where were we planning to go again? I have totally forgotten even though I'm still up for it) and one of you will have to be the designated driver. :)
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