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I loved Grindhouse sooooooooo much. I loved every disreputable, ridiculous second of it, most especially Death Proof, which is actually a very good film. The cinema was packed and we were all cheering and whooping and laughing and groaning throughout, and we applauded after both films. IT WAS SO AWESOME. That is how going to the movies should be.

I'm not sure what to make of Tarantino's attitude towards women. My friend Philip reckons he's a misogynist who tries to make up for it by writing really kick ass women, but I disagree. Now I'm not saying the guy's a feminist but his female characters are *always amazing*, and yeah sometimes bad things happen to them, but the misogynist characters in QT films who do those bad things are generally entirely unambiguously evil, which makes me think that while Tarantino does enjoy movies where hot chicks (and dudes too!) get beaten and bloodily butchered, he also views misogyny as unambiguously evil. Plus, the women he writes invariably get their own back, or in the case of Death Proof, a second set of kickass, unapologetically sexy/sexual, fun, funny, strong women outright *refused* to be victims and gleefully turned the tables on the maniac. Which of course was the single most breathtakingly exciting (and funny) extended ending EVER MADE.

Yeah, I loved it. And yay for my fellow kiwi Zoe Bell! Who is maybe the coolest person on the planet?
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