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Movies and comics and BSG and hot chocolate!

1. I am going to see Grindhouse tonight with the boys. AWESOME.

2. I ate this fancy organic dark chocolate and chilli cookie before and my mouth went up in flames.

3. It's good to have BSG back, even though it is totally nutso. Did you all likey?

4. I read Infinite Crisis finally and was disappointed. It was kind of boring and messy and daft and not very moving at all when it should have been. I mean hi, if you're going to kill off a beloved character at least make it sad! I was left going, "was that it?" A Death In The Family wasn't all that good but at least when Jason died I cried my eyes out! I'm starting to think I'm not a fan of Geoff Johns unless someone can remind me of something decent of his that I've read. Oh, except that he seems to ship Bruce/Dick, which is nice. The sheer number of times he pointed out that Dick was Bruce's most beloved did please me immensely.

5. OTOH, All Star Superman #10 totally made me cry, because it is brilliant. OH CLARK. (Grant Morrison really *gets* the complexity that is Clark and I love him for it a lot.)

6. I watched "The Last Picture Show" last night. Holy crap Jeff Bridges was pretty when he was young.
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