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Smallville, 7.15: Veritas

I found Smallville quite upsetting (and a little sickening) and I know I was supposed to, but every time I think about Lana I want to cry. I've seen from comments that my friends tend to be pretty disgusted by how Lana was utilised in this episode, and also that there are people out there who are overjoyed about it, which. Well, I'm sure you can imagine how I feel about that.

Unfortunately it tainted the rest of the episode for me, which was otherwise okay. But yes, let's list what they did to Lana:

1. Braniac gleefully stabbed her in the head, violating her both physically and mentally. Not because he has any particular beef with Lana, but because she's useful. Used. Abused. With pleasure.
2. For some *unknown reason* they decided she should get third degree burns.
3. She is now a zombie (in excruciating pain that she cannot express). Totally dehumanised, devoid of all the things that make her who she is (bar her beautiful face, of course, because that's one thing the creative team isn't allowed to mess with).

I'm finding it really hard to get past that, and apart from finding Wee!Lex very cute, and thinking the direction was extremely well done I can't say I enjoyed this episode very much.

So on that note, Dear glitterandlube,



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