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The L Word, Season 5: All About Adele

I’ve been rolling my eyes over the “All About Eve” rip off this season since it first began (I just noticed last night that Adele’s surname is Channing; named after the wrong character for some reason, presumably in an attempt to be subtle?) because every single bit of it was totally implausible. And I’m not even referring to Jenny filling the Margot Channing role, one of cinema’s most famous characters played by one of the most famous actresses of the twentieth century (because actually I think Mia is a lovely actress who did a great job this season.)

But how about the fact that Jenny and Margot Channing have nothing whatsoever in common? Margot Channing was a badly behaved diva because she was a hugely successful actor who had been in the business for more than twenty years, and she was aging, possibly nearing the end of her career. Jenny is young and has been successful for five minutes (and sorry, I found her behaviour at the beginning of the season to be totally OOC and ridiculous, although it makes sense in hindsight – she was channelling Margot. The diva behaviour disappeared after the first few eps of course, confirming my suspicions that it was out of character and merely a plot device. Except that it didn’t serve the plot in any way.)

Adele, playing Eve in this preposterous parody, was a character whose motivations made very little sense from the outset: she's an enormous, fawning fan of Jenny’s writing, but she doesn't want to be a writer, she wants to be a film director. Huh? But this is Jenny's first film! She hasn't even proved herself as a film director yet! Why "destroy" a person whose career hasn't even begun yet?

Eve insinuated herself into Margot’s life, but she is gradually revealed to be a duplicitous skank who wants everything that Margot has, and to get it she must *take* it from Margot, because she’s jealous and entitled and psychotic.

In the L Word, Adele gets her way by orchestrating a situation in which Jenny would film herself having dirty lesbian sex with the star of the film (of course, that’s exactly what Jenny did. How convenient for the conniving Adele!) then blackmailing her way into the director’s chair. Yeah, it turns out that she has some talent as a director, and she’s certainly a snake, but she still doesn't even *compare* to the creepy Eve. Now I’m forced to wonder… was the whole thing meant to be a spoof?

Mostly I’m disappointed that Adele didn’t get her comeuppance. She won! Now okay, Eve “won” too, but the sting of realising how alone she really was and how no one truly loved her (except the slimy, evil Addison DeWitt) was her comeuppance, and the film was emotionally satisfying because of it. By contrast, Adele’s consequence-free victory was just disappointing. This isn’t “The Wire” after all! GIMME A SMACKDOWN PLZ.

What Phyllis did to Shane was horrendous. I hate parents who think it’s their job to save their children from romantic heartbreak. It is NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM, and the assumption that a person can’t take anything positive away from a failed romance is idiotic, selfish and deluded. Would Phyllis take back her relationship with Alice simply because it didn’t work out? NO. Fuck her, man.

Not that I approve of what Shane did next, but she’s such a sympathetic character that I’m not particularly angry with her either. I feel for both Shane and Jenny and I hope they make up quickly because their friendship is really special: they’re the two freaky misfits in the group and they need each other!

Best thing about the episode was the return of Helena and the smackdown of Dawn Denbo. Now that’s what I’m talking about!
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