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Parents' groups have criticised a new internet craze in which young girls give virtual characters plastic surgery and feed them diet pills.



Oz, S2

I don’t think this show is my cup of tea. It’s not just violent, it’s gruesomely, gratuitously violent, littered with some of the most unpleasant scenes and images I’ve ever seen in a TV show. Is it not enough for one of the few characters I like to gouge out the eyes of an innocent man? We know it happened. Why SHOW us his empty bloodied eye sockets? I get the feeling that the makers of this show are quite gleeful in their blood lust. In the last episode alone we got not just the endless eye gouging scene, we got a crucifixion (filmed in explicit detail, agonised screams included) and one of the main characters had each of his limbs joyfully broken by the man he loved.

Which brings me to my next complaint. I was promised a love affair between Keller and Beecher! What did I get instead? Keller, while ridiculously attractive, turns out to be another nazi fuck, who only seduces Beecher on the repulsive Schillinger’s orders. Then he tortures Beecher with a maniacal grin on his face. Way to make me want to throw up, Oz!

Now I realise that there is still hope for these two; Keller looked pretty sad about what he’d done in a later scene, but really. WHY AM I WATCHING THIS? I kind of want to see Keller redeem himself (and I do enjoy looking at him naked), but I’m not sure I can stomach any more violence.

So tell me, flist. Should I keep going? I can’t imagine enjoying another four seasons of these characters, and I’m not impressed enough with the writing (or indeed the POINT – what, criminals are all evil, irredeemable psychopaths made worse by incarceration? Fascinating!) to feel the need to force myself.


Extras, S2

On the bright side, I saw series 2 of Extras, which suffered from the same problem The Office did in its second year: the routine humiliation of the characters was played up to the point where some of the comedy was lost. One of the reasons I liked Extras more than The Office was because I wasn’t so horribly embarrassed all the time by Andy Millman (as I was by David Brent). But there were a number of cringe-worthy scenes that I just wasn’t able to crack a smile over because I was squirming too much this series.

However, I loved a lot of it, and, as ever, my opinion of all the celebrities who took part in the show totally soared (because being able to laugh at oneself is a quality I seriously admire in people). I thought Orlando Bloom, Daniel Radcliffe and Chris Martin were all hysterical (particularly Bloom’s insecure, deluded narcissist. Classic.), but the highlight of both series for me was probably Ian McKellen explaining “acting” to Andy. That was pure, comedy genius.


The Last King of Scotland

My obsession with James McAvoy shows no signs of abating, and I was truly blown away by “The Last King of Scotland”, a sensational film about a fictional friendship between a Scottish doctor (McAvoy) and the infamous African dictator, Idi Amin, brilliantly played by a terrifying Forrest Whittaker (he deservedly won the oscar in 2007). Most importantly though, you get to see McAvoy’s ass.


Smallville, 7.14: Traveler

I quite liked Smallville this week, although I was really confused about what happened to Lana. One minute she was part of the plan to get Kara’s memories back, the next she was nowhere to be seen. Wouldn’t it have been better to have Lana scream at Jor-El about how much she loves Clark? I guess all the Chlark fans out there were delighted to hear those words come out of Chloe’s mouth. Me? I just thought it made her seem kinda pathetic. GET OVER HIM ALREADY HE’S NEVER GOING TO LOVE YOU BACK FOR FUCK'S SAKE WOMAN.

Tom looked fucking hot throughout though. MROWR.
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