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Being me is awesome.

Apparently we’re so used to companies talking shit to us and sugar coating their bullshit with platitudes that when one of them is actually honest it’s the end of the freaking world! Hee.

If you’re sick of being told to be outraged and would like a reason to remain apathetic about LJ’s treatment of their userbase, romanyg defends Anton Nosik here. Refreshing!

ETA. More links: An alternative translation of the interview by furiosity

A note to English-speaking readers, by anton_nossik

I will still be boycotting the boycott, and oh yes btw, in case you don’t religiously read the comment threads on all of my posts, I have officially declared tomorrow SOCKPUPPET DAY in my LJ, so take your socks out of the draw, dust them off, and get ready to troll me. (Unless you're boycotting like a lame-o of course.)


I'm not going to get to see it tonight because I am going out on the town, so will one of you tell me what happened in American Idol this week? Who was good, who sucked, who got booted etc?


MELANIE LYNSKEY (best know for being the other one in Heavenly Creatures and the crazy neighbour in Two and a Half Men) WAS IN THE LATEST EPISODE OF THE L WORD.

This is very exciting for me because I have totally hung out with her before! She is a friend of a friend and one time about six or seven years ago we were sitting next to each other at our mutual friend's birthday dinner, AND we really hit it off! Also! She was at university with one of my closest friends and she was totally obsessed with him! One night she took all her clothes off and asked him to fuck her and he said no! Because he didn't fancy her! Because desperation is never sexy!

/end claim to fame
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