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Smallville, 7.13: Hero

Watching Hero was a frustrating experience for me, because I kept wanting the B plot to be better.

Like, for one, I don't understand why Clark has decided not to tell Kara about who she is given that she has every right to know, and the way the story played out felt like a means to an end type thing, as opposed to smart, organic storytelling. They wanted Kara to move in with Lex and they didn't put a lot of thought into making that happen in a way that felt believable or satisfying.

But fine, okay. I liked that final scene! Lex not even answering her request to stay with him but instead just closing the door behind them, was creepy as fuck (and hi, Kara, are the warning bells not going off in your head yet? THIS DUDE IS A FREAK). So I'm good with the Kara moves in with Lex plot development, but I just really *wish* the build up to that had been more intelligent.

How about giving us a decent reason for Clana to be keeping the secret from her? How about any reason at all! Newsflash: It Fits With The Overall Theme Of The Episode is *not a good reason*. Perhaps it could have played out like this:

Clark hasn't told Kara about her origins because he's finding it difficult to put into words and he's not sure she'll believe him. But he's PLANNING TO TELL HER SOON.

Lionel: Kara has been visiting with Lex.

Clana: WTF!!! Holy shit, that's really bad news, we need to warn her about him. But also! Now that he has her in his confidence we don't know if we can trust her anymore! What if I tell her about her origins and then she runs straight to Lex and tells him I'm an alien!! EEP!!

See? (First) problem solved.

A little later...

Kara: Lana, I know you're keeping a big secret from me and if you don't tell me I'm gonna flip out.

Lana (rather than gazing at her with pained eyes and quivering lip, actually talks this time): Yes Kara, there is some stuff we need to tell you but we can't yet because you are friends with Lex and we don't trust Lex and we are scared you will tell him. Oh and btw? While I was married to that psychotic son of a bitch, he drugged me without my knowledge then faked a pregnancy AND a miscarriage. Stay the hell away from him! If you do, we'll tell you everything you need to know, promise.

Then Kara goes to Lex anyway because she is hopelessly drawn to him (like Clark had once been) and doesn't want to believe Lana's story.

As for the Pete storyline, I thought it was okay (I was overjoyed to see him however! Go SV for remembering Pete!). He acted like a jerk for most of the episode but redeemed himself at the end, Clark was absolutely lovely throughout, the Pete/Lex scenes were GOLD, and I'm glad that Clark is mad at Lionel again and I hope that lasts. I TRULY DESPISE THE CLARK/LIONEL FRIENDSHIP.
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